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Annam Saminathan


Hey, I'm Annam (pronounced "Un-num"). I'm currently a Senior Product Designer at Transfix. I love working through complex problems and exploring digital solutions that can help people and businesses.


Digital Shopping System

A brand-new experience unifying shopping journeys across My Verizon app and 

Homepage - Omni.png

Shopping Profiles

Seven profiles created to visualize Verizon customers' technology ecosystems.

Homepage - Personas.png

Price Transparency

A tool created to allow prospective Verizon customers to view financing eligibility while shopping. 

Homepage - Soft Credit Check

Slick Chicks

A redesigned website for a startup selling adaptive clothing.

Homepage - Slick Chicks Banner

Rock the Ballot

A platform designed to enable people to engage with voting before they go to vote. 

Homepage - Rock the Ballot.png
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